BioMed Realty Award for Social Entrepreneurship


Over the years, Perkins has worked to support a wide range of charities and causes that produce positive social impacts. The business has supported several STEM programmes - including the British Science Week and different STEM Festivals, and has provided facility tours to young people interested in careers in STEM. Perkins also fundraises for two charities every year - raising money for organisations like Mind, Sue Ryder and Cancer Research UK - and was a sponsor for Peterborough Pride in 2022.

Re-Imagine Resource Centre CIC

Since 2013, Re-Imagine Resource Centre has been providing help and resources to members of the community who need them most. The business runs a community resource centre, with a community kitchen and solidarity larder that provides meals and food to those in need - as well as providing arts and crafts supplies and entertainment to families that use the centre’s resources. Many of these resources are rescued, helping to reduce the amount of waste that makes its way to landfill, and protecting the environment.

Speakers for Schools

Speakers for Schools are a UK-wide charity that empowers young people from state schools and colleges to reach their potential by opening doors to life-changing and career-enhancing opportunities. They collaborate with employers to provide a range of work experience opportunities and work with over 50 schools and colleges in the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough areas. Their inspirational talks and eye-opening work experience programmes provide highly effective ways for 14-19-year-olds to engage with leading employers and high-profile leaders, celebrities and changemakers to expand their networks and develop the necessary confidence, skills and knowledge to become better prepared for the world of work.

HCR Hewitsons Award of Innovation


Medwise.ia has created an app designed to make it easier than ever for medical practitioners to find information and answer complex queries. Using an AI-driven search engine just for clinicians, the Medwise app is able to provide pertinent information quickly and efficiently - helping support clinicians in their decision making. The app is constantly incorporating the latest information to stay up-to-date, and also adapts to changes in national or local guidelines - ensuring its results are accurate, and medical care is consistent and safe.

The Cambridge Prostate Biopsy Device (CAMProbe)

The Cambridge Prostate Biopsy Device (CAMProbe) was launched in November of 2022, in an effort to transform prostate cancer diagnosis, and make prostate biopsies simple, safe and affordable. Where transrectal needle biopsies require multiple needle punctures - and are thus uncomfortable and come with a risk of side effects - the CAMProbe requires only two, and can be completed in an outpatient clinic using local anaesthesia. The process is therefore safer and easier, as well as being more accurate - and could revolutionise testing for prostate cancer.


Vuala was founded with the aim of tackling the billions of tons of food that get wasted every year. The company has created an automatic food waste separator that uses microorganisms to liquify and separate food from other types of waste - and is able to turn the food waste into materials for biogas and animal feed within hours. In doing so Vuala is able to make food waste disposal faster and easier - and reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfill as well as the amount of carbon emitted during disposal.

Independent Retailer of the Year

Cooper Barnes Automotive

Cooper Barnes Automotive is a family-owned business committed to making the car repair process easy and stress free for customers. The Cooper Barnes Team works to take care of the customer at every stage of the process - the business provides high quality repair work, and provides courtesy cars to customers to reduce disruption to their day to day life as much as possible. Cooper Barnes also has a dedicated customer service team that liaises with insurers and provides advice to make any claims processes simple and easy.

Stem & Glory

Stem & Glory is a plant-based casual dining brand that works to give people the opportunity to eat healthy and sustainable food. A crowd-funded business, Stem & Glory has already opened two locations in London and one in Cambridge, and is looking to expand further. The business’ food is 100% vegan, and strives to offer non-vegans a diverse and engaging range of foods, to help promote plant-based cuisine. Stem & Glory is also an environmentally-friendly business, offsetting more emissions than it produces and operating a range of schemes to limit the presence of single-use products.

Stir Bakery

Stir Bakery is an independent retailer that has achieved impressive success over the last few years. Since 2018, the business has grown its yearly sales (by more than 400%) - and has expanded its team from 3 members of staff to 22. Stir Bakery combines the service of an artisanal bakery with a small wholesale operation, with its products in shops, hotels, cafes and more around Cambridgeshire. The quality of Stir Bakery’s products won it Best Bakery in Cambridgeshire at the 2019 National Bakery Awards, and Britain’s Best Gluten Free Loaf at the British Baking Awards in 2022.

Start-Up Business of the Year


Creasallis is a creative antibody solutions company that aims to produce innovative and effective antibody-based therapeutics that can save lives. The business won a spot on the Accelerator programme at the Babraham Research Campus in Cambridge, and since then the team has been working on an innovative treatment for the treatment of cancer. Creasallis has created the Creatap, a technology designed to improve the penetration of antibody-based drugs into tumours - making treatment of tumours more effective and hopefully going on to save lives.

Magnum Accountancy Ltd

With more than 15 years of experience, Magnum Accountancy Ltd is a business dedicated to helping small businesses achieve impressive growth. The business provides a wide range of services, including accounts, taxation, accounting software and training, trade finance and many more. Magnum strives to build meaningful and personal relationships with clients, providing them with a dedicated growth plan, helping them through every step of the process and working to scale up their company.


Neumind has worked to produce an app designed to help people who have suffered from brain injuries - providing support and the opportunity to join a community. The app, Alfred, can help users identify fatigue triggers, help with memory and decision making - and help users plan their days, giving them a greater degree of control and independence in their day to day life. The app also lets them get in touch with other users who have been or are going through similar experiences, building a sense of support and community.

Small Business of the Year

Arecor Therapeutics

Based in Cambridge, Arecor is a biopharmaceutical company that strives to improve existing therapeutic medicines, and make treatments more effective, safe and affordable. Since its founding in 2007, Arecor has been a dedicated innovator - one of its key focuses at the moment being diabetes, the business has worked to develop a form of insulin that can be absorbed more rapidly by the body - allowing people with diabetes to more effectively regulate their blood glucose levels. Arecor also partners with a range of pharmaceutical companies, to enhance its research and bring these products to market more effectively.

Cooper Barnes Automotive

A family-owned accident repair and bodyshop business, Cooper Barnes Automotive is committed to reducing the stress and disruption that a damaged car can cause to a person’s everyday life. The Cooper Barnes Team works to provide impeccable customer service - carrying out high quality repair work while also providing courtesy cars to customers to reduce disruption to their day to day life. Cooper Barnes also has a dedicated customer service team that can work with clients to handle insurance claims, making the claims process simple, and ensuring customers receive what they are entitled to.

Stir Bakery

As an independent business, Stir Bakery has demonstrated outstanding ambition and the ability to realise its goals over the years. Stir is committed to producing nothing but top quality products - winning Best Bakery in Cambridgeshire at the 2019 National Bakery Awards - and seeks to mix the service of a small, artisan bakery with the capabilities of a wholesale business. This hybrid approach has proved extremely successful - with the business increasing its sales dramatically since 2018, and growing its team from 3 to 22 in the same period

Barclays Award for Medium-Large Business of the Year


Darktrace is a business that provides intelligent, AI-led cybersecurity solutions, aimed at making it easier than ever to prevent, detect and respond to security concerns. Darktrace saw its greatest success yet in 2022, building on years of dedicated work to land its largest deals and produce innovative, forward-thinking work in the world of cybersecurity. Working with a range of clients, many of whom provide vital services, the business has served more than 8000 customers since it was set up in 2013 - committed to helping businesses face the challenges of the future without fear.

G's Fresh Group

Since 1952, G’s Fresh Group has gone from a small celery selling business to a major supplier of fresh produce to retailers in the UK, Europe and U.S. The business oversees the entire process from seed to shelf, maintaining quality throughout to ensure that the produce that reaches shelves is the best it can be. A family-owned business, G’s Fresh Group has gone from strength-to-strength over the years, breaking £500 million in sales in 2019.

The Shearline Group

Based in Ely, The Shearline Group is a precision engineering subcontractor committed to providing products of the highest quality. With three factories in Cambridgeshire, The Shearline Group provides a range of manufacturing services to other companies - including sheet metal fabrication, ceramic cutting, large component machining and more. With more than 50 years of experience, The Shearline Group’s pursuit of innovation, impeccable quality and great service has helped it achieve great success and longevity.